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Network Diagram Features

Network Diagrams on 3D.
You can create and edit your network diagrams on a real 3D space. You are not limited by the space provided by traditional sheets. Instead you can span it on a full 3D space allowing you to create diagrams on a dimension never seen before.
Share and Collaborate.
NetworkMaps lets more than one person to edit the same diagram at the same time. Just share the network diagram with whoever you want to have access to it and he will be able to access it and see on real-time the changes that happen on this diagram.
Web Based.
No need to install any software on your computers. A web browser is enough to access your network diagrams.

Available from anywhere.

Your network diagrams will live in a server and you'll be able to reach them from wherever you decide your server is reachable. You only need HTTP or HTTPS access to this server.

L2 and L3 Diagrams.

NetworMaps implements a separation between physical (L2) network diagrams and logical (L3) network diagrams. This will help you on having a clear network view where it is easy to identify how different elements on the network are connected/configured.

Automated L3 Diagrams.

Once you have created your L2 network diagram and configured the devices that exist on it (vrfs, vlans and interfaces), your 3D diagram will be automatically created and you will only need to place the different elements so the diagram looks amazing.


NetworkMaps follows a client-server architecture. Once NetworkMaps is installed on a server, any computer with access to this server will be able to create and edit network diagrams. Clients use a web browser to access it.


Using the available API, you can automate these network diagrams, from the creation and maintenance of them to more amazing things. For example, you could update your network diagrams based on the real time status of your devices so you can use them to see what parts of the network are failing in a graphical way.


As NetworkMaps is web based and uses standard HTML/javascript, any platform will work. You can access or edit your network diagrams from Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android or IOS devices. You only need a browser.

User Authentication.

NetworkMaps support several user models. You can:
  1. Have a completely opened implementation where anyone can register.
  2. Limit which users can register by the domain of their email address.
  3. Have a closed implementation where an administrator creates user accounts
  4. Accounts are managed by an LDAP server.
  5. Users authenticated via OpenId Connect with an external identity provider.


You can control who has access to your network diagrams. NetworkMaps can also be configured to support HTTPS, encrypting all your data in transit.

Open Source and free.

All code is available to anyone. You are free to customize it as you want or collaborate in the development of the tool to have the network diagram software that we, network engineers deserve.