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3D Shape Editor.

Before going into creating new 3D shapes for your network diagrams, there are a few concepts that need to be understood.
The Shape Group Management Screen.
Icon Manage Shape GroupsWhen you log in to NetworkMaps, on screen where you have your list of network diagrams, there is a button on the top right corner that will take you to the Shape Group Management screen.
Once you click on this button, you will be take to the Shape Group manager screen. On this screen you will have a list of your created shape groups and a button to create new ones.Shape Group Manager
A Shape group has different general settings:
The Shape Group Editor.
When you click on a created Shape Group on the Shape Group management screen, you will be take to the shape group editor screen. On this screen you will be able to create and edit shapes, assign icons to them, upload textures, ...Shape Group EditorThe shape group editor is divided into 3 areas:
Properties of a Shape.
Shape Properties
Shape Icon.
Shape IconOn this section, you can see the aspect of the shape you are creating. By clicking and moving your mouse (or using the mouse wheel), you can rotate this shape. Clicking the "Capture as Icon" button, you will upload the current aspect to NetworkMaps as the icon of this shape.
Properties of SubshapesSubshapes
Subshape elements.
An element is just a collection of vertex and faces with their UV coordinates:Subshape Element
Don't forget to Save your changes.
The shape group editor doesn't save changes automatically to a shape group (except changes on textures or icons). Don't forget to save your changes before leaving this page.