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OpenID Authentication.

NetworkMaps can now be integrated with your existing Identity and Access Management (IAM) infrastructure. This is done using OpenID Connect. In this model, users and user authentication are no longer managed by NetworkMaps, but by your existing IAM infrastructure.

How it works.

Once OpenID is configured, NetworkMaps will start depending on your IAM server to authenticate your users.
  1. When a user access NetworkMaps, if the user is not already authenticated, it will redirect him to the IAM infrastructure.
  2. Users won't be able to change their passwords or data from NetworkMaps user interface.


There is a set of parameters needed for NetworkMaps to be able to talk to your IAM infrastructure using OpenID. For placement of these parameters, please check the config file documentation.

Sample Configuration File.

    "timers": {
        "ldap_grouprefresh": 40
    "socket": {
        "address": "",
        "port": 3000
        "allowed_domains": [""],
        "authentication": "openid",
        "openid": {
            "client_id": "networkmaps",
            "auth_server_url": "",
            "secret": "a_secret_not_to_be_revealed_here"