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Networkmaps is a web based 3D network diagram editor.
It allows you to document the topology of your network including physical connectivity (Layer 2), logical configuration (Layer 3) and routing protocol information (bgp, ospf, isis, mpls, vxlan).
It also allows you to collaborate with others on the same document at the same time, seeing on realtime the changes others do on the documents.
* Features in green are already implemented.
* Features in black are still under development
* Features in red are still not committed.
Node version 10.15.1
Networkmaps does not use a regular database to store all the needed information. Instead of this, and to give the best performance, all information is kept in memory and saved to disk regularly for persistence.
It also does not require of a external web server although it is possible (and recommended) to configure one to serve all the static content.
It has three parts.